Adriana's boat trip pictures



Adriana's Egmont Key Trip - Snorkeling - Sightseeing 
snorkeling picture



Skyway Bridge from boat

   The Skyway Bridge seen from the boat


A picture taken from the boat on Adriana's trip


boat view
Another view from the boat

"My friend Stephanie and I had such a blast.  We are two local college students who needed a break from our stressful daily routine of studying and thanks to Captain Randy, J.D. and Jason, we did not think once about our studies!  The friendly, down to earth crew not only informed us about dolphins and Egmont Key but they also came out and participated in the fun!  Everyone was anxious to go out and snorkel for sand dollars, starfishes and shells but we were more ecstatic about getting off the boat to walk and explore Egmont Key.  Walking on the beaches of Egmont Key, one can find exotic shells that are hard to find on public beaches while you can experience a sense of relaxation by listening to the waves crashing into the rich dark beach sand.  Nothing compares to the view that you can experience while walking. Imagine looking at miles and miles of sea and nothing is obstructing the view!  Nothing!  This has been one of my best beach adventures that I have had in quite some time and I highly recommend a trip to Egmont Key with Tropical Island Getaway and its crew.  Thank you so much Captain Randy, J.D. and Jason!  You are the best of the best! "   Adriana  (Clearwater, Florida)


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